Do You Need Free Website Translation Software?

With Translation Assistant you'll be able to translate entire websites faster and produce better results.

No purchase fee. Pay a low per-use fee of 0.5 cent/word or $1.5/page - whichever is less.

Who Uses Translation Assistant?

Freelance translators

Translation Assistant lets freelance translators do website translation work without investing in expensive and complicated software. It lets translators work x3 faster, compared to manually editing HTML files.

With Translation Assistant freelance translators can:

Small translation agencies

Small agencies, both new and established, find Translation Assistant a real asset when it comes to website translation. It allows a team of translators, working in different languages, to produce complete multi-lingual websites.

Translation Assistant also makes outsourcing work to colleagues a snap. Project managers can assign different translators to different languages. The system then merges all work and creates a single website.

How Translation Assistant Works

Extract texts from the entire website.
Translation Assistant would run through the entire website, find pages and extract texts. You select which pages to translate.
Translate the texts without editing HTML.
Use the built in WYSIWYG editor to translate right on the website. No need to open an HTML editor.
Build the complete translated website.
Translation Assistant builds the entire website, including all adjusted links and languages selectors.

The first time you're translating a website, all texts are marked for translation. Next time, only new or modified sentences are selected. You'll also get an exact word count, telling you how many documents, sentences and words are in the project.

Earn Money With Translation Assistant

When your clients ask you to translate to a language you don't work in, you can use Translation Assistant to get the job done with the help of a colleague professional translator from our network.

All translators in our network are guaranteed certified translators which you can trust. You will select which colleague to assign the work to.

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